BPD and cluster B relationships

  The theme of my life this summer was break ups. Everyone I know was breaking up. From my co-workers who I just met that were dating for 6 years, to my best friends who have been struggling in toxic relationships since they started, to my good guy friends who were done with ultimatums. It... Continue Reading →


Dear Dr. L, thank you.

Writing Dr. L seems awkward to me, considering that I only call you by your first name. Remember when we had that conversation? I felt uncomfortable asking you what I should call you, as you kept referring to yourself by your first name, but I didn't want to disrespect your hard work in becoming a... Continue Reading →

Growing pains

  In my class, agency and mental health counseling, last week, a sensitive topic came up that put me in the spotlight during our discussion... People with borderline personality treatment in therapy. My teacher, who knows that I struggle with bpd traits, made a generalizing comment about "difficult" patients in treatment. Obviously, the clients he... Continue Reading →

Denial and not the river.

It is ironic to me that I have always felt a certain pull towards Egypt. I've seen my Egyptian life in my dreams. I have had visions so vivid that I literally felt like I was re-living moments that I have experienced before. So, it seems that I still live on the coast of the... Continue Reading →

(Not so) Great Expectations

I arrived in my therapeutic program with a lot of expectations. Some of them were met, and some of them were so unrealistic that, looking back now, I laugh at the absurdity in my thought process. Going in, I expected to receive a proper diagnosis, as I knew I had been misdiagnosed as Bi-polar. I... Continue Reading →

Intro to BPD

I technically do not meet the diagnostic criteria for Borderline Personality Disorder. This is a statement that brings me both pride and guilt. I feel proud because this means that I'm technically "not crazy," and guilty because I fit the mold without having to really accept a label that I reject, when deep down, I... Continue Reading →

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