Losing a (PD) parent

"You need to experience the good times to appreciate the bad." That is what they say, isn't it? First of all, who composes this elusive "they?" "They" seem like the same type of people who complied the bible. A bunch of lost children so disconnected from their own humanity that they'd rather create abstract meta-narratives... Continue Reading →

Boxes, frames? They’re all the same.

You know what really grinds my gears? Our society has determined that physical health takes precedent to psychological health. What kind of horse shit is that? I was watching an episode of Grey's tonight where this dick wad of a father was beating his wife and son-- they finally leave him and end up in... Continue Reading →


I have spent the past few months trying to get in touch with my "destiny," so to speak. Now I should mention that I am not one that believes in destiny. I don't think there is a design in place that determines our greatness, or solidifies our place in the world. I think our "destiny"... Continue Reading →

The winds of change

I initially started this post a few days ago following a dramatic weekend, but half way through the post, I decided to close my window because honestly, I have better things to do with my time. Given that it is World Mental Health day, I, like everyone else have been inundated with messages about this... Continue Reading →

It’s lit~

Just wanted to do a quick update. Today has been incredible. The energy was potent and people were ~feeling themselves~ I had my first session with my new therapist. She's cool. We're gonna get along. More to come on this as we progress. But in other news, following my last post We are powerful, boy... Continue Reading →

We are powerful

Apparently the topic of intuition is on my mind tonight, but when inspiration strikes, I am going to ride the wave! A few hours ago I was contemplating my natural feelings of being an empath with my diagnosis of BPD through the lens of an uncertain relationship. I can say, that since that post, I... Continue Reading →

BPD and cluster B relationships

  The theme of my life this summer was break ups. Everyone I know was breaking up. From my co-workers who I just met that were dating for 6 years, to my best friends who have been struggling in toxic relationships since they started, to my good guy friends who were done with ultimatums. It... Continue Reading →

Growing pains

  In my class, agency and mental health counseling, last week, a sensitive topic came up that put me in the spotlight during our discussion... People with borderline personality treatment in therapy. My teacher, who knows that I struggle with bpd traits, made a generalizing comment about "difficult" patients in treatment. Obviously, the clients he... Continue Reading →

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